The Floritucky

If you are originally from Florida and your backyard suddenly looks like this—

backyard snow

—as it did a few weeks ago here in Lexington, Kentucky, you stay put. You do not venture out to the grocery store to fetch cherries for a bourbon cocktail.

Instead, you work with what you have, which in my case meant bourbon, Hamlin oranges from Marshall Groves, and tonic.

orange samples at Marshall Groves

Plus, the Internet, where I found this recipe for the generically named “Bourbon Cocktail.” I like to call it the Floritucky.

bourbon cocktail ingredients

The warmth of bourbon; the bright, fresh taste of just-squeezed orange juice; and a splash of tonic to cut the sweetness. Like fizzy sunshine in a glass. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to get you through a snowpocalypse (or two).

bourbon cocktail

Thankfully, my stash of oranges lasted until just this week, when spring finally came to the Bluegrass and my bartender (er, I mean husband) made my first Pimm’s Cup of the season.

Pimm's Cup


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